ANDVSA Volunteer Attorney Wins Pro Bono Award

Congratulations to Andrea Hattan, recipient of this year’s Public Sector – Bryan P. Timbers Pro Bono Award.

Andrea grew up in Fairbanks and currently works in Juneau at the NOAA Office of General Counsel, which she came to after over a decade working outside and in Anchorage for the U.S. Department of Justice as a federal prosecutor.

When Andrea moved back to Alaska, she heard about ANDVSA’s Legal Program and her interest was piqued in volunteering. In 2020, she attended an ANDVSA CLE, and soon thereafter volunteered for her first ANDVSA Legal Hotline shift. While she had no previous experience in family law, Andrea says the CLE gave her the confidence to volunteer for the hotline and to join ANDVSA Legal Program Director Christine Pate as co-counsel on a trial case.

Since then, Andrea has gone on to volunteer on the ANDVSA Legal Hotline a total of 14 times, and donated approximately 100 hours to the 2020 case. She has also helped draft a section of the ANDVSA Volunteer Family Law Manual and is currently doing a pro se assist with an ANDVSA client.

Andrea says she is moved to volunteer by a desire and sense of responsibility to better our state. Alaska unfortunately has some of the highest rates of domestic violence and sexual assault in the nation. Andrea says that she sees it as a privilege to use her legal education to directly help Alaskans who are in dangerous situations on their journey to a brighter, safer future.

We are so grateful to Andrea for the incredible initiative and diligence with which she provides pro bono service to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Especially as she does not come from a family law background, it is so impressive to see the gumption and thoughtfulness she has shown in diving into this work. We are inspired by her work ethic, the compassion she has for her clients, and her desire to do good.

Thank you, Andrea Hattan, for your dedication to pro bono service.

September 20, 2023