ANDVSA Honors Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 1, 2023

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#DVAM).

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault thanks Governor Dunleavy for issuing his Executive Proclamation highlighting the existence and importance of DVAM. Most studies show that over 50% of women in Alaska has experience intimate partner violence, sexual violence, or both in their lifetime (Alaska Victimization Survey). We know that Alaska Native women in particular are disproportionately impacted by this issue–at least 4 in 5 American Indian or Alaska Native adults have experienced violence in their lifetime (Institute for Justice).

 This month, we encourage you to take time to support the survivors in your life and to get involved at your local domestic violence services program. You can find a calendar of DVAM events here. We also encourage you to take time to promote your own health and wellness–visiting with family and friends, engaging in cultural practices, participating in physical activity, and spending time outdoors. 

It is on all of us to create communities of safety and non-violence. To do that, we need strengthened funding for prevention programs and direct services to survivors. We can all advocate to support survivors, and we can all strive to model healthy relationships in our own lives.