The court will hold your long-term protective order hearing over the telephone.  Call the clerk’s office to confirm the date and time of the hearing and the number which you should call to dial into the hearing that day, or if you have accessibility issues which make it impossible for you to appear over the phone.  You can find more information about telephonic hearings on the court’s COVID-19 page. If you have documents or other evidence such as text messages, emails, court documents, letters or photos that you want the judge to review during the hearing, you should file those with the courthouse prior to your hearing, with a Notice of Filing, SHC-1605 that includes the case name and case number. Note that the Anchorage courts have a specific protocol for domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking order long term and modification hearings that should be followed if your case is in Anchorage. If you are in Anchorage and have a long term hearing, call 1-800-768-2983, access code: 2640015#.