2019 Recipient of the Attorney General’s Pro Bono Award

Helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to reclaim their lives requires often requires some assistance. Fortunately for the clients of Theresa Hillhouse, solace hasn’t been hard to find. As an ANDVSA volunteer attorney, Hillhouse has donated hundreds of hours helping survivors navigate the justice system, assisting them with divorces, child custody disputes, and vital protection orders.

On October 1, 2019, in Anchorage, Hillhouse received the Attorney General’s Award for Pro Bono Service for her fearless undertaking of this area of law. Since 2003, Hillhouse has represented clients in 10 pro bono cases. She initially agreed to volunteer for ANDVSA while an assistant municipal attorney in Sitka, and continued to engage in this work afterward in private practice, both through casework and through answering the ANDVSA hotline, providing  confidential, free legal services to those in need.

The hard work and devotion that Hillhouse has made to this work and the recognition of it are more critical than ever–59% of adult women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner violence, sexual violence or both in their lifetime, according to STAR Alaska. The award presented to Hillhouse by Attorney General Kevin Clarkson marked the opening ceremonies of Domestic Violence Action Month.   Department of Law press release can be found at: http://www.law.state.ak.us/press/releases/2019/100219-Hillhouse.html

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