Getting Consent

What is Consent?

  • The definition of consent is: permission given for something to happen. An agreement to do something.
  • It is the first step that needs to happen before anything sexual occurs, including kissing or touching.
  • Consent is an agreement that is verbal, conscious, and clear throughout the entire experience.
  • No matter your relationship, no matter what has happened before, no matter the circumstances.
  • Without consent, it is sexual assault.


Know Where Your Partner Stands.

  • Remember respect means understanding and appreciating one another’s point of view.
  • Get past awkward and get permission before becoming intimate.
  • If you are not ready to have this conversation you may not be ready for this level of intimacy. Talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend about sex is the best way to make sure that your intimacy is consensual and responsible.
  • NO means NO. When your partner says no to any sexual suggestion or advances, you should stop, right away. If someone forces you, even after you’ve clearly told that person no, then it’s rape.

When Can My Partner Give Consent?

  • In Alaska, we have laws that outline the age of consent. Inform yourself about sexual abuse of a minor laws in Alaska. (link?)
  • Drinking alcohol or using other substances impairs judgment and makes it difficult to consent.  It is best to make decisions regarding intimacy when neither partner is impaired.