Project Description

Spectrum Co-Facilitator

AWARE, Juneau |

Job Type: part-time

Duties and Responsibilities

This staff person is responsible for co-facilitation of Spectrum, AWARE’s LGBTQ2+ trauma survivor’s peer support group. Spectrum is a free, confidential, 12-week support group for anyone that is LGBTQ2+ and has experienced trauma, such as domestic violence and/or sexual assault, whether recently or in the past. Topics covered include grief, coping skills, identifying abuse, and other themes that relate to the experience of trauma and the journey of healing as LGBTQ2+ people.

Hours are 3-5 per week when Spectrum is in session. Spectrum co-facilitator must be available outside of business hours. This is a temporary position to be re-evaluated at the completion of each session of Spectrum.

  • Facilitator agrees to:
    • Maintain strict confidentiality and be willing to discuss situations including conflicts of interest, having a good understanding of challenges that can arise providing a service within a small community
    • Maintain clear boundaries with participants
    • Prioritize the values of equity, inclusion, and accessibility, and be committed to learning and discussion around anti-racism, de-colonization, and anti-oppression work
    • Participate in ongoing trainings with the lead facilitator and individually
  • Primary responsibilities:
    • Work alongside the lead facilitator to facilitate the 2hr/week group while Spectrum is in session
    • Prepare for group including setting up the space, printing materials and clean up after group
    • Debrief with lead facilitator weekly
    • Assist in outreach for Spectrum
    • Assist in updating the Spectrum curriculum



  • The co-facilitator must complete provided trainings about co-facilitating LGBTQ2+ support groups and access any additional needed learning resources before facilitating
  • Preference given to individuals with experience working within the LGBTQ2+ community and/or providing services to LGBTQ2+ people
  • Preference given to individuals who have experience with support groups, as a participant and/or facilitator



  • Must have knowledge about LGBTQ2+ community, gender, and sexual identities
  • Must have knowledge of the effects of domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, and oppression on LGBTQ2+ people or a commitment to learning with provided educational materials and training
  • Must have the ability and desire to practice empathy and work meaningfully with people with a range of life experiences and circumstances
  • Must have the skills to de-escalate conflict and interact with people who may be intoxicated or experiencing mental health crisis if needed, or commitment to learn and practice these skills
  • Must practice and uphold the values and philosophy of AWARE
  • Must have good communication skills, including ability to communicate boundaries and needs
  • Must pass AWARE background check

Please send your resume and contact information to Melissa Deisen, at


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