Welcome to ANDVSA’s News Room!
At ANDVSA we work with all media types in an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating violence in Alaska. Our efforts in the media help to notify Alaskans of what services are available in their communities and let Alaskans know how they can support the movement to end violence.
We also work with the media to ensure that reporting on domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking cases is respectful and sensitive towards survivors and their families.
Through the media, we also discuss our individual programs (policy, prevention, legal and training) including our violence prevention programming like: Stand Up Speak Up, Lead On!, Alaska Men Choose Respect and Talk Now Talk Often. We also have publications like the Women’s Legal Rights Handbook and the Real Tools Manual. Finally, we host various trainings and an online course. To discuss our various publications and programs, please find the information below.
Media Contact:
We are available for interviews, to come to special events, to participate in community discussions and to host local trainings.
For all media inquiries, or to discuss a special event, please send an email to andvsa@andvsa.org.
Press Kit: 
ANDVSA’s Press Kit will be available soon, please check back. In the meantime, if you need any information about ANDVSA’s history, members or facts and statistics, please visit the Who We Are section of the website.