Dear Senator Murkowski,
THANK YOU, Senator Murkowski, for listening to our concerns and then voting to preserve access to health care for the many victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse by rejecting the Health Care Freedom Act.  By believing us, you have re-affirmed one of our key messages:  When a survivor tells you about their lives, believe them.
The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is a coalition of agencies and organizations that provide direct and life-saving services to victims, survivors, their families, and communities who have all been impacted in some way by domestic and sexual violence.  On behalf of these organizations, the women and men and young people who work and volunteer within these organizations, and on behalf of the people who are served by these organizations – thank you for lifting our voices.  We know that healthcare is a difficult policy and practice area, but we believe there are just and equitable solutions, and believe in your leadership to work with others in Congress to find those solutions.
Thank you for your hard work on this issue, Senator Murkowski; it is deeply appreciated.
Carmen Lowry, Executive Director
Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault