For more information about the benefits and responsibilities of ANDVSA membership, contact Brenda Stanfill at:

Membership Information

ANDVSA’s organizational members are agencies, programs or non-profits located in Alaska whose primary purpose is to eliminate domestic violence, sexual assault, and/or related abuse. Members must:

  • Support the vision, mission, values and purpose of ANDVSA
  • Adhere to state and federal confidentiality laws, regulations and standards
  • Provide a mechanism for persons being served by the organization to provide input on decisions regarding program services

Becoming an organizational member of ANDVSA offers a variety of benefits for eligible organizations.

Legislative and Policy Education Efforts

Keep apprised of and provide input on pending policy and legislative action impacting Alaska’s response to domestic and sexual violence

Receive guidance on educating the organizational member’s board, staff and community members of pending and enacted policy and legislative decisions, as well as how to engage with local and state legislators to increase their understanding of the issues and programs provided by the organizational member.

Committee and Network Opportunities

Serve on one of ANDVSA’s three standing committees: Programs and Services, Policy and Legislative, and Memberships and Partnerships. These committees serve as the primary venue for identifying issues and challenges local programs face, as well as successful ways programs have developed to better serve victims and survivors.

Training and Networking Opportunities open the door for participating in a wide range of ANDVSA trainings.

Receive ANDVSA trainings such as Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault basic and advanced training for advocates on Legal Advocacy, Confidentiality, Substance Abuse, Prevention and community engagement, the 40-hour online APU course, and many other training events.

Receive travel subsidies for a variety of meetings and training. This includes travel and lodging for the spring meeting in Juneau during legislative session and lodging at the ANDVSA summer retreat.

Participate in statewide and national teleconference trainings that allow your program to receive training without traveling.

Access ANDVSA’s Basecamp, a platform with recorded webinars, forms, and helpful resources for prevention, advocacy, policy and legal topics.

Technical assistance, research, and resources are always available from ANDVSA staff.

Public Awareness Efforts include participation in ANDVSA-sponsored statewide public awareness events