ANDVSA Pro Bono Program Difference

The Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault’s Pro Bono Program provides free legal assistance to low-income victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in divorce, child custody, protective order, and other civil proceedings through staff attorneys and volunteers.
A 2010 victimization study in Alaska found that 58.6% of females had experience some form of intimate partner violence and/or sexual assault during their lifetime.  Civil legal assistance is the most effective way to increase safety for these individuals
In FY 2013, the Program received 1.2 million dollars of in-kind donated legal services!  By volunteering, you can provide victims with real tools that they need to maintain safety such as full custody for their children, a protection order and financial support.
We provide training and resources for attorneys, including our Volunteer Family Law Manual (live link that clicks to the manual) with form pleadings.
Watch our video (below) to better understand the importance of civil assistance for victims.

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault : A Volunteer Story from Laura Aubry on Vimeo.

 Learn more about how you can get involved in making a difference in the lives of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska! If You Want Peace,Work for Justice!