Defining SART
The Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a multi-disciplinary team developed to improve services to victims of sexual assault. The team is comprised of advocates from the local victim service center, law enforcement officers, and specially trained health care professionals. These team members provide a coordinated, efficient, and supportive response to victims. The benefit of the SART is the ability to provide a full range of comprehensive services to victims who have made the decision to report a sexual assault. This occurs by providing immediate crisis intervention, team interviews, forensic examination, and follow-up as needed. This coordinated response leads to a bond between the victim and the advocate, enables law enforcement to receive a foundation of facts regarding the case, and provides for forensic evidence for prosecution of the sexual offender. (CDVSA, 2013)
SART Training
Approximately every 6 months, the SART training team travels to different locations around the state of Alaska to provide a three day training to local partner agencies. The team is comprised of the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (CDVSA), ANDVSA, the Alaska State Troopers, Forensic Nursing, and Department of Law. These trainings tend to take place in March (statewide) and November (regional). The goal of this multi-disciplinary training is to build relationships among Advocates, Law Enforcement, Forensic Nursing, and Prosecutors to support local coordinated response to reports of sexual assault.
To Learn More
For more information on the current training opportunities available, please visit CDVSA’s website: